Earn an Income

Earn extra income with Leatherique

We’ve been hearing from several of our dedicated Leatherique customers about ways they are making money with Leatherique.   We thought at this time it would be good to share these secrets with our customers who may be looking for a venue for extra income, and we’ve put together a package to make it affordable to help you get started.

Money making advice # 1

Ross from Houston says, “I make about $1000 to $1500 a week extra income detailing high end cars, airplanes and furniture with Leatherique products, working weekends and evenings.” 

Money making advice # 2

Steve from Georgia confides, “I am a car enthusiast and take my cars to several car shows and have a large network of car club friends.  I always have a few cases of Rejuvenator and Prestine Clean, and make $300 to $700 per week selling the product to my friends and at car shows.  They appreciate keeping their cars like new, especially now when they don’t want the expense of new car payments.”

Carla from Florida has told us that she keeps cases of Rejuvenator and Prestine Clean at her horse boarding ranch, and sells it to the folks who board their horses with her to maintain their expensive leather saddles in like new condition, or to restore a used saddle.   

Our customers have also told us that they have done seminars on Leather restoration for a group of neighbors to keep leather furniture like new, their car clubs, friends, and business associates.  We also have some ladies who do demonstrations for friends and co-workers on how to keep their good leather purses like new, clean their own leather coats and save money, and other folks who resell it at their equestrian clubs.    This is similar to the Avon, Mary Kay, and home décor parties that women enjoy.  

So, if you are a hands on person who loves to detail auto interiors, if you’re a biker enthusiast with fine quality black leather saddle bags, jackets and chaps, or if you love horses and would like to make some extra money restoring saddles, leather furniture, or even leather coats, jackets, apparel and accessories , you can get through the financial crisis and still do what you love.   Even if you are a stay at home mom who would only like to work a few hours a week, you can re-sell to local detailers, car lots, dry cleaners to use on leather coats and jackets or friends to use on their furniture or good leather bags, or you can do a great side business actually cleaning leather items, and even redye them!

Advertising your unique service and product in your area is simple and can be done through any of the free community newspapers, or for a few dollars through the local newspaper.  If you are presently unemployed, You may choose to become more full time, and dedicate a phone line  and do affordable radio advertising for your area to build your customer base.  Flee Markets and Auto Swap Meets are also a great venue for sales of Leatherique Products. With Christmas and holiday gift giving, a set of leather care products can be offered for sale already gift wrapped or arranged in a basket for useful and thoughtful holiday gifts for folks who “have everything” and need a quality product to maintain in like new condition the leather furniture and autos they have. 


Leatherique will help do their part to work with you.  For a small investment of $1,000 we are offering exclusive City wide distributorships.  These distributorships will give you include exclusive rights to your city or town giving you the same great opportunity that we have extended to others like a free listing on our website, so our customers can contact you directly to buy product  from you, or contact you to have the work done for them.   You let us know what services you’d like to offer your area, and we’ll help promote your business.  (Large metropolitan cities may be broken into geographical territories). We get at LEAST 6 or 8 requests a DAY from all over asking WHO DOES YOUR WORK?

 You can now buy a FULL COLOR MATCH SYSTEM for you business. For more information contact us at LRPUSA1962@gmail.com

The $1000 investment will also include:

12 – 32 oz Rejuvenator, 12 – 32 oz Prestine Clean, 12 – 16 oz Rejuvenator, 12 – 16 oz Prestine Clean, 4 oz black dye to demo, 4 oz prepping agent, and 4 oz Klear Kote to finish a steering wheel, or use as a demo.  Plus free shipping to anywhere in the continental 48 States.   We’ll email you our confidential wholesale price list so you can re-order cases as you need them at wholesale cost. You’ll also receive copies of our directions and brochures that you can edit to include your own local phone number for re-order from your customers.  You can also order gallons, leather dyes, prepping agents, crack filler, and anything else you’ll need to keep your local leather restoration business making money.  This is a $3,000  value for only $1,000 investment.   

It is easy to be on your way to earning extra money to help get you and your family through this difficult time.  Working with a company that has specialized in proper Leather Care for almost 50 years, and that has built a reputation on quality, we’ll be here to help you succeed in earning the extra income you need. 

Please contact Anna today at LRPUSA1962@GMAIL.COM, or call her toll free at 877-395-3366. 




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